The 2nd Consultation Meeting was held within the ARIEL Interreg ADRION project, organized by the RERA SD Project Partners and the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries. The meeting was held in Split, on 29.11.2018. at the premises of the Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries. Within the ARIEL Project Activities, the meeting aimed at bringing together key stakeholders from the coastal fishing and aquaculture sector. The project aims to promote technological and non-technological solutions for innovative ventures in coastal fishing and aquaculture in the Adriatic-Ionian basin, acting as a network of knowledge for better understanding of threats and solutions for more effective sustainable management in practice and legislation. Consequently, the meetings were attended by stakeholders from scientific domains, followed by stakeholders from relevant institutions in fisheries and aquaculture, representatives of local action groups in fisheries and the representatives of coastal fisheries and aquaculture. All the above mentioned parts of the previous consultation meeting filled out the surveys on which a regional SWOT analysis was developed for fisheries and aquaculture, while the results and conclusions of the SWOT analysis were presented at this second consultation meeting. In addition to presenting and analyzing the results of the SWOT analysis, at the meeting, stakeholders agreed on a framework plan for incorporating them into further project activities in the form of innovation mediation meetings and capacity building seminars. In addition to the above planned activities, stakeholders are referred to the semi-annual ARIEL Action Plan, which will directly involve specific stakeholder groups for testing pilot activities related to the introduction of innovations in the coastal fishing and aquaculture sector.




AGENDA-WPT2 preparatory phase