Innovation Brokering event was held within the ARIEL Interreg ADRION project, organized by Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries. The meeting was conducted in Split, on 21.01.2019. bringing together key stakeholders from the small scale fisheries and aquaculture sector (operators, policy makers and researchers). In total 93 persons attended the meeting, including policymakers, public services, trade associations, AQ/SSF Local action groups, AQ/SSF organizations, education and research institutions, students, NGO, AQ operators, SSF operators, certification and branding experts, Marketing experts and SSF/AQ entrepreneurs (business). In light of project activities referring on pilot activities required an interactive and bottom-up approach to stimulate different actors of SSF and AQ (operators-advisors- academia/research/ – policy makers) grouping (in WG working groups) and discussing around core topics for innovation speed-up. There were stakeholders divided in 6 groups according to previously determined core topics, setting-up of regional SSF and aquaculture cross-sectoral working groups in aim to detect innovative solutions that can be more easily put into practice at each territory level for technologies and managerial innovation. Scientific experts and researchers made available R&D solutions, SSF and AQ operators outlined innovation needs and policy makers got insights for development of fit-for-purpose innovation policies and funding schemes. Each group draw findings, with included short discussions, conclusions and recommendations and proposed more than 20 pilot studies across 6 working groups. A framework agreement has been reached as well as plan for further stakeholder engagement on project activities.


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