ARIEL project partners  organized a Transnational Networking Event on 30 October 2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro.Transnational Networking Event  has been conceived as cross-fertilization moment where representatives of cluster organizations of different sectors and countries can exchange their experiences, share their key learning and become inspirational for strategic and operational macroregional collaborations in the fields of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture.Project partners and invited speakers shared experience and knowledge on how clusters are made, what are they dealing with and which are benefits of being in a cluster, with a special focus to the macro-regional scale.This will raise the awareness on the advantages and the opportunities of partnering and becoming part of a networks and/or a cluster, stimulating ideas circulation.Event findings will be summed-up in Best practices and cluster excellences catalogue. Event participants will be from Project Partner organizations, Regional and national public authorities, Sectoral agencies, Infrastructure and (public) service providers, Higher education and research institutions, Business support organisations and Clusters.